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04 Apr

Tork Elevation Range

Posted by James Lavender on Friday, April 04, 2014

Lavco Industries is proud to announce that the Tork Elevation Range of washroom products is now available for purchase through the Lavco Website.

This is a new addition to the existing range of Lavco’s own products available online. And it’s only the start. Lavco will be adding more brands and products over the coming months.

The Tork Elevation range will solve your commercial washroom dilemmas. It will fit right into place in any commercial bathroom with a great variety of products.

The toilet paper holders come in a Jumbo Roll T1 system, Mini Jumbo Twin System, Folded T3 system and the Roll Twin T4 system.

Within the Elevation range of Tork’s products is the Tork Soap Foam S4 system. This product comes in black or white and is an ideal solution for any bathroom.

Paper towel dispenser also come in a great choice of size and colour. The Tork Dispenser Hand Towel systems come in a Roll H1 System, Interfold H2 System and the Zigzag H3 system.

Now where to dispose of the paper towel? Rest assured we have it covered! The Elevation range also has Waste Disposal Units including a 50 Litre Waste Bin that match the other products in the Elevation range.

Stay tuned for more great brands and products being added to in the coming months!